Earth USA 2019 - Fred Webster Prize



The earthbuilding community lost Dr. Fred Webster on October 11, 2015. Dr. Webster gave presentations at several Earth USA conferences (2015, 2013 & 2011). He helped write the New Mexico Earthen Buildings Code and was hard at work at current revisions to the code when he passed. He was an active member of The Earthbuilders' Guild. In fact, at a meeting at Cornerstones just prior to the Earth USA 2015 conference, Fred was patched in to the meeting via Skype. Even though he was limited in movement, he was there and actively participated. It was just a few weeks later that he passed. A full In Memoriam text (written by Bill Druc) can be found on the US/ICOMOS website.

Announcing the 2019 Prize

The Earth USA Conference (in partnership with Pat Taylor, Bill Druc and Jim Hallock) is initiating the Fred Webster Earthbuilding Engineering Prize as a tribute to Fred and his work in the earthbuilding field. The first prize will be awarded at the Earth USA 2019 conference. The target group for the prize is engineering and architecture students worldwide who are working on innovative design and engineering solutions for new construction as well as preservation projects in the earthbuilding field. Inspiration for possible research and project topics for the prize can be taken directly from Fred's own research:


The Award and How to Apply

The initial award amount for the 2019 prize has been set at $500 (thanks to generous seed donations by Pat Taylor and Quentin Wilson). An application for the prize will be integrated into our normal online call for abstracts form. The 2019 prize winner will be announced at the Earth USA 2019 conference. The winner will receive a podium slot to present the winning project.

Please contact us if you have questions or need more information about the 2019 Fred Webster Earthbuilding Engineering Prize.