Adobe USA 2003

The First Conference - Dedicated to P. G. McHenry

Date: May 16 and 17, 2003
Location: Northern New Mexico Community College, El Rito Campus
Organizer: Adobe Association of the Southwest

Adobe USA 2003 - Conference Schedule

Friday Evening, May 16, 2003

  • 6:30pm
    Dinner in the Cafeteria or on the lawn

  • 7:30pm
    Welcome to Northern and Seven-Minute Keynote Address by Quentin Wilson and Dedication of Conference to P. G. (Buzz) McHenry Jr.

  • 8:00pm
    Adobe Association of the Southwest membership meeting

  • 8:30pm

Saturday May 17, 2003

  • 9:00am
    Hal Miguel, Builder, Sculptor, Visionary
    Could not make it

  • 9:20am
    Quentin Wilson, Educator/Builder:
    “The Berlin Conferences”

  • 9:40am
    John Barton, AIA
    “Recent Projects”

  • 10:00am

  • 10:20am
    Ronald Rael, AIA/Clemson University
    “Earth Architecture in the Context of Modernity.”

  • 10: 40am
    Mark Chalom, AIA
    “Recent Projects”

  • 11:00am
    Dino Alatzas, Builder
    “Eleven Energy Permits without Exterior Insulation and other Exciting Items”

  • 11:20am
    Arnie Valdez, Architect/Educator/Planner/Visionary
    “Challenges and opportunities of restoring historic adobe structures.”

  • 11:40am
    Mel Medina and Richard Levine, Adobe Manufacturers
    “The View from Here”

  • 12:00noon

  • 1:00pm
    Terry Taggart, Builder, Supplier, Adobe Vet
    “Adobe with a secret clearance.”

  • 1:20pm
    Bruce McHenry, Builder and EACI Principle
    “Soil Analysis and Mud Plaster”

  • 1:40pm
    Laura and Alex Sanchez: Writers, Designers, Educators
    “The Book”

  • 2:00pm
    Simone Swan, Dome and Vault Architect/Builder/Visionary
    “Recent Projects”

  • 2:20pm
    Francisco Urvina, Cornerstones Architect/Educator
    “Adobe News from Cornerstones”

  • 2:40pm
    Danny Martinez, Architect/Builder/Educator
    “Recent Projects the last 30 Years”