Earth USA 2019 - Poster Presentations

Last Updated October 20, 2019. All activities and times subject to change.

Poster Session #1
Friday, October 25 from 3:20 to 4:20pm

Poster Presentation: Non-Burnt Earth Block Stabilized With Magnesium Oxide
Author: Wataru NAKAMURA (Japan)
Institutional Affiliation: Nara Women's University

Poster Presentation: A New Engineering Education at the University of San Francisco
Author: Hana Böttger (California, USA)
Institutional Affiliation: University of San Francisco

Poster Presentation: Prehispanic Earthen Architecture in Southeastern Mesoamerica: Collaborative Research with Local Specialists
Author: Akira Ichikawa (Japan)
Institutional Affiliation: Nagoya University

Poster Presentation: Micromorphology of the "Carazas Test" to Define Archaeological Construction Technique
Authors: Salvador Piña-Guido, Gerardo Fernández-Jiménez, Hugo Fernández-Ramírez, Marta Mateu Sagues (Mexico)
Institutional Affiliation: Escuela Nacional de Antropología e Historia

Poster Presentation: Survey on Warehouses Using Cob Construction Method in Nara Prefecture, Japan
Authors: Midori YAMADA, Wataru NAKAMURA, Makoto MURAMOTO, Kumiko HATANAKA (Japan)
Institutional Affiliation: Faculty of Architecture Kindai University
Note: Not attending

Poster Session #2
Saturday, October 26 from 9:00 to 9:45am

Poster Presentation: Properties of Compressed and Stabilized Earth Blocks Produced with Recycled Soil Mixes
Authors: Nitin Kumar, Michele Barbato (California, CA)
Institutional Affiliation: University of California Davis

Poster Presentation: An investigation into the change in thermal properties of cob samples using waste-paper sludge and shredded sheet additives.
Authors: Jim Carfrae, Matthew Fox, Kevin Owen, Karen Hood-Cree, Steve Goodhew (UK)
Institutional Affiliation: University of Plymouth

Poster Presentation: Use of Hemp Hurd and Recycled Material in Stabilized Compressed Earth Blocks
Authors: Kris J. Dick, Timothy J. Krahn (Canada)
Institutional Affiliation: University of Manitoba

Poster Presentation: Micromorphological comparison between adobes, fills and paleosols in to understand production techniques in an archaeological site on the Gulf Coast of Mexico
Authors: A. Thania García-Zeferino, Marta Mateu-Sagués, J. Salvador Piña-Guido (Mexico)
Institutional Affiliation: Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Poster Presentation: Institutional Risk. Case of study: The Church of Curahuara de Carangas, Bolivia
Authors: Cindy Calbimonte, Fabiana Navia (California, USA)

Poster Session #3
Saturday, October 26 from 3:40 to 4:20pm

Poster Presentation: REHABITAR, earth heritage as an economic source development in Tierra de Campos
Authors: Izaskun Villena Marcos, Rosa Bellido Pla (Spain)
Institutional Affiliation: FOUNDATION REHABITAR

Poster Presentation: Characterization and Modeling of Cob Strength Using Varying Ingredient Ratios
Authors: David J. Wright, John M. Henshaw (Oklahoma, USA)
Institutional Affiliation: The University of Tulsa

Poster Presentation: Grounded: Mujeres Artes Clay Studio Life Cycle Assessment
Author: James Woods (Texas, USA)
Institutional Affiliation: University of Texas at San Antonio

Poster Presentation: A Rammed Earth Case Study of the Fire Mesa Project Completed by DesignBuildBLUFF
Authors: Hiroko Yamamoto, Atsushi Yamamoto, Jose Galarza (Utah, USA)
Institutional Affiliation: The University of Utah : DesignBuildBLUFF

Poster Presentation: Parameters for the Mechanization of Adobe Production in Rural Communities in Brazil
Authors: Thiago Lopes Ferreira, João Marcos de Almenida Lopes (Brazil)
Institutional Affiliation: Institute of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of São Paulo (IAU/USP/Brazil)

Poster Session #4
Sunday, October 27 from 9:00 to 9:45am

Poster Presentation: La tradición constructiva de los muros de adobe en el sitio prehispánico La Joya, Veracruz.
Authors: Esteban Ávalos, Salvador Piña (Mexico)
Institutional Affiliation: ENAH, UNAM

Poster Presentation: Impacto en la arquitectura patrimonial de tierra por intervenciones con cemento. El caso de los recubrimientos en muros de adobe en el bajío y occidente de México
Authors: Minerva Rodriguez Licea, Luis Fernando Guerrero Baca (Mexico)
Institutional Affiliation: Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Xochimilco

Poster Presentation: The Development of a Cob Building Code in North America
Authors: John Fordice, Martin Hammer (California, USA)
Institutional Affiliation: Cob Research Institute

Poster Presentation: Review of the Current State of Cob Structural Testing, Structural Design, the Drafting of Code Language, and Material Based Testing Challenges
Authors: Anthony Dente, PE, Kevin Donahue, SE (California, USA)
Institutional Affiliation: Verdant Structural Engineers

Poster Presentation: Innovating traditional building practices in new architecture
Authors: Aparna, Sanal Thathapuzha (India)

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Poster + Demo Presentation: Compacted Earth Plaster as Treatment for Conservation and Restoration of Historic Earth Architecture
Authors: Francisco Uviña-Contreras, Luis Fernando Guerrero Baca (New Mexico, USA & Mexico)
Institutional Affiliation: University of New Mexico UNM & Universidad Autonoma de Mexico - Xochimilco UAM-X

Podium + Demo Presentation: The development of a twin-layer insulating/structural cob composite wall.
Authors: Jim Carfrae, François Strieff, Mohamed Boutouil, Matthew Fox, Kevin Owen, Steve Goodhew (UK)
Institutional Affiliation: University of Plymouth